Multiplication and Division without ‘*’ and ‘/’ in Java

Okay, so I feel challenged to solve this problem. The problem is how to make program that can calculate multiplication and division without using ‘*’ and ‘/’ as usual. This is about algorithm and math of course. At first, I think about multiplication. It can be calculate using increased looping (number 1 is added by

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The Toilet

Hello. I’m Fahri. I study in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya. My major is Information Systems. I live in big metropolitan city in Indonesia, Surabaya. I want to tell you about toilet in my campus. Especially boys’ toilet. It’s not mainstream pull or push door. Yap, it has sliding door. It would be automatically opened

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Mengenal Jenis-jenis Creative Commons

Iseng-iseng saya daftar flickr yang dikasih penyimpanan gratis sebesar 1 terabyte. Coba upload foto, eh ada pilihan tentang license. Oke disini saya akan menjelaskan secara singkat dalam bahasa Indonesia tentang lisensi Creative Commons. Creative Commons ini sederhanya melisensikan karya kita. Ingat ya, karya kita sendiri. Jadi kalo kita melisensikan bukan karya kita, itu salah. Ada

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