Do you believe in GOD?

One day. there is a college student, named Joko. Joko came from Indonesia. He studied philosophy in a university. He had a professor.

Professor : “ok everyone. let’s talk about God. Do you all belive in God?”
Students : “yes. of course”
Professor : “have you seen God?”
Student : quiet..
Professor : “have you heard God speak?”
Student : quiet..
Professor : “have you touched God?”
Students : quiet..
Professor : “so, the result is no God.” he smile.

Students were not agreed with professor. Joko stood up and asked his friends.

Joko : “have you seen professor’s brain?”
his friends : quiet..
Joko : “have you heard professor’s brain speak?”
his friends : quiet..
Joko : “have you touched professor’s brain?
his friends : quiet..
Joko : “and the result is.. professor doesn’t have brain.” he smile and his friends laugh.

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