Islam Is NOT Terrorist

I’m a muslim. And i want you to know that muslim are NOT terrorist.
In islam, there is no terrorism. Because islam doesn’t teach crimes. Islam teachs us peace and love.

All you hears on the TV is NOT true.
Islam gives us a calmness. You can try to do that.
You can listening Al-Qur’an. InsyaAllah you’ll feel better.
Do you confuse about the truth?
You can find the truth in the Al-Qur’an.
Forget all their words! Just read Al-Qur’an. And then feel the power of truth.

As you know, Al-Qur’an contains science, social, religion, and so on. And still pure forever.
Hmm…It will take long time if i must write all about islam.
So, i will be pleased if you either ask or discuss about islam to me. 🙂

Remember one thing!
If you want to learn (or just want to know) islam, don’t ask to people who are not muslim. And only read informations about islam from real muslim.
Just suggestion: you can read Al-Qur’an with the translating from A. Yusuf Ali and “the Bible, The Quran, and Science” book by Maurice Bucaille.

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