Subhanallah…Hope she’d be good muslimah.

How I accepted Islam 4 months ago.

Salam Aleikum,
My name is Natasha, and I am a big HOTD fan. I want to share my story with you.
I am 20years old and converted to Islam this year in end of July al hamdulilah 🙂 I did my first prayer with my fiances wonderful sister, she is a kind and sweet person with tons of patience,she helped me a lot mash’allah.
I have studied Islam when I was younger both in school and at the library due to always being soo curious which was good cause I wouldn’t judge, believe or think bad thougts, have strange ideas of Islam, muslims etc. which in either case would have been strange if i would have cause I had some muslims friends when I grew up as a kid.

Some of my family and friends wonder why if I love Islam and muslims so much how come it took such a long time before I converted??
Well.. I believe everything has its own time and Allah knows best when its time for a person to convert and lead her or him back on the right path, I didn’t believe in Allah before as I grew up in a family that doesn’t believe in god in general but we were brought up in a way which you were free to chose to believe in any religion we wanted as long as you yourself where happy, it didn’t harm you, destroy you as a individual and not force you to do things which are not good or harmful.

I have known my fiancee for about little bit more then 2 years now and we have been engaged for about 1, he is a muslim mash’allah 🙂 from Cairo, Egypt and he talked to me for a long time about Islam, Quraan, prayers, Allah and sometimes I wouldn’t really listen but just say fine oki etc. and just wasn’t really interested so he stoped to talk about it cause he wanted me to ask him, waited for me to get interested as he should not force Islam upon me, after sometime I took my own initiative to find out even more about Islam and I started to do it for my own sake, at that point it was like a huge burden have been lifted of my shoulder, I felt more happy and like life would now be much easier Inshallah!
For myself I can only say that when I took the decision to find out even more and really learn about Islam, muslims, what is this religion, how come they do this and that etc. and didn’t find any particular faults, strange things, weird reasons or so and still feeling happy, sometimes even a bit more calm after i had spent some hours to learn.. that’s when I knew for myself that Islam was for me and anybody else who wished to embrace it into his or her life al hamdulillah.
I have read so much of Islam on the busses, trains, in school, after school any book I could find basically trough out the years, I learned how exactly to pray when I was in Cairo, learned how to recite the al -fatiha in Arabic etc.
I started to change my life, think a bit different, look for Islamic sites on the net, ask more questions to my fiancee and other friends who know a lot more then me as they are muslims since birth and really good people 🙂
Sometime before I decided to convert to Islam, I bumped into a really nice, sweet blog of the most amazing muslim girl ever (she is also a convert from Stockholm were I live) we have become such good friends in such a short time, I mean we emailed for months and really loooong emails 😀 when we met the first time I felt so safe with her immediately knowing that inshallah she will be a very close friend of me!
I am like really shy but I was so curious of this girl and I really needed a muslim girl to talk to.. u know girl talk, female questions etc. and now that I think of it it’s like I got this little push from Allah so that I ended up on this blog al hamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.
We have gone to the mosque together and prayed side by side hamdulillah, laughing, talking about Islam, how its like to be a convert and other things that we have on our mind..
Life have been quite different since I became a muslim and all to the better of course there are not so fun things from time to time but Allah is all knowing and know the best for me 🙂 and my trust is with him.
The way I dressed and ate didn’t change so much as I have always been shy and was almost always basically dressing with lose clothes, not showing my self of in school already, I haven’t been eating Pig (eeww!!) since I was very young (already as a kid I couldn’t stand the smell of the ham at Christmas or eat food with pig in it)
Mmm… after I converted I didn’t tell my parents for a long time cause I didn’t really know how to tell them, as here in Sweden I must say when some people find out you are a muslim they just turn their backs on u.. stupid and ignorant people 🙁 anyways it got UT via another friend who’s husband had been reading over her shoulder and talked about it with someone else bla bla bla.. not good and not ok I think!
My friend apologised for her husband but I told her she has nothing to apologise for but her husband should be ashamed to spread something he has no knowledge of!!..
So more and more friends found out and eventually it came to my mothers knowledge that I had converted to Islam and by the time she found out I had already been wearing the hijab for sometime but just not with her and the rest of my family.. hamduilallah she didnt get angry, upset, irritated or anything she was so calm and sweet about it I was honestly amazed! and I thank Allah everyday for this 🙂
We have talked more about it since then and she has questions like everybody else but at least she is being considerate when she asks me, she knows some already about Islam and she is not scared just she wants to know more so she can really understand what made me convert, how do I see life, what’s my opinion of the world, who is Allah, things about the Quraan, what is the hereafter etc.
My father is another thing.. in the beginning he wasn’t happy at all when he found out that I am engaged since sometime and that my fiancee is a muslim and live in Egypt… my god it was like hell broke lose 🙁 but after many conversations, listening, reading etc. etc. (I am talking about HOURS and DAYS) he calmed down, asked a bit about my fiancee, why I had converted and so on hamdulillaha and after this it was quite fine.. at least there were no arguments between us.
Just like many other people my father tought for a long time that it was my fiance Abdulrhaman that had made me convert to Islam, wear hijab, stay home alot more etc. but that is not the case, I have converted to Islam cause I wanted to and decided that this was a good thing for me.
Now that I have been wearing the Hijab everyday since I came back from Cairo which is 4months about, my father got used to it, helps me with fitting the colors sometimes 😉 and even think that I look pretty!! hamdulillah..
As always I thank Allah for my family being kind and supportive of me, my wonderful and ever loving fiancee Abdulrahman and my 2 most amazing friends in Cairo which I miss alot Marwan and Mahmoud.
Just to have to say that that i am completely satisfied with myself now a days, happier, more calm and at peace 🙂 it’s all thank to Allah! <3 May you all be blessed, take care. Salam for now, Natasha

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