Islam and Freedom

The Question:Much people announce the freedom everywhere. And often misunderstand on it. What is the meaning according to Islam? The Answer:Word freedom basically contrary to principle of Islam. Because Islam teaches unity and togethernes. Freedom, in general means not to have religion. Otherwise, Allah gives religion to tie the absolute freedom up.If Allah doesn’t tie

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Do you believe in GOD?

One day. there is a college student, named Joko. Joko came from Indonesia. He studied philosophy in a university. He had a professor. Professor : “ok everyone. let’s talk about God. Do you all belive in God?”Students : “yes. of course”Professor : “have you seen God?”Student : quiet..Professor : “have you heard God speak?”Student :

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Islam Is NOT Terrorist

I’m a muslim. And i want you to know that muslim are NOT terrorist.In islam, there is no terrorism. Because islam doesn’t teach crimes. Islam teachs us peace and love. All you hears on the TV is NOT true.Islam gives us a calmness. You can try to do that.How?You can listening Al-Qur’an. InsyaAllah you’ll feel

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